Mission & History  


INETICO’s philosophy is to bring IMAGINATION, INNOVATION, and INTEGRATION into the healthcare products and services we provide to our clients.

This is why INETICO's mission is to, "Strengthen the Fiscal Health of the Insurance Plan and Improve the Clinical Health of the Plan Member".

INETICO’s imaginative team identifies every window of opportunity to control costs and bring the gift of better health to the lives they touch as part of their daily responsibility. As these opportunities are identified, they are integrated into INETIPASS, keeping INETICO at the forefront of industry trends, solutions and client satisfaction.


In 2003, Joseph C-W Hodges decided to take a great risk and pursue the dream of providing cutting edge healthcare services to a stale healthcare market.  It would have been hard enough to do this with a secured loan, office space or even any office equipment, but Joseph had none of those start-up essentials. What he did have were friends who believed in him and enough courage to face the potential of losing his last few bucks.

Determined to start a business the old fashioned way, Joseph started INETICO with no loans or borrowed money.  With $3,500 in his pocket, Joseph bought a server and convinced a sister to work for him by creating a makeshift office in her closet. She was ready and willing to support INETICO's very first clients.

While there was very little working cash, there were believers. One of those believers was Cliff Palmer, a programmer for Verizon who left his job to begin creating the base program that INETICO uses for all its business transactions.  Cliff felt so strongly that Joseph’s vision was viable, he worked for months with no promise of compensation on a system that may or may not be sellable. That system would provide better care and service options to insurance companies and medical plans by giving them a web-based program that improves the speed at which they do business. The system would also provide a way to maximize a healthplan’s claims savings.

With those few dollars in the bank, Joseph and Cliff got on a plane and visited two prospective clients during the Christmas Holiday in 2003.  The first prospect promised a small contract.  This was the company’s first breath of life.  Joseph and Cliff could feel the excitement building.  Not 24 hours later, a much larger company promised a substantial contract, but with one stipulation.  The business had to be fully implemented within 30 days or the prospect would work with another vendor.

This is a story that has played over many times for INETICO since those early days. Amazingly, INETICO achieved its financial security without ever borrowing any money.  Within 2 months of opening it’s door, INETICO was in "The Black" and has never looked back.