INETICARE is the care management division of INETICO that consists of Registered Nurses, credentialed and URAC-accredited Physician Advisors, and a Board-Certified Medical Director.  INETICARE’s care management suite of services advocates wellness, prevention of uncontrolled disease states, and, in the event of a need for healthcare intervention, the provision of only the highest quality care–improving ease of access to and appropriate utilization of a highly-skilled continuum of healthcare provider partners.

The main functions of INETICARE are:

  • Utilization Management
  • Case Management
  • Disease Management
    • MACB2 - Compliance Driven Incentive Programs
  • Maternity Management
  • Octane Wellness
    • Biometric Testing & Health Risk Assessment Analysis

Care Management    

Why Implement  INETICARE's Case Management?

INETICARE'S Case Management Program in conjunction with Utilization Management and Disease Management provide an essential role can in claims savings of from 8% to 18.2% on average. Reduction in claims expenditures for those members actively case managed help reduce overall plan medical costs and reduce lost time from work for plan members.  In addition to the financial benefits, the INETICARE solution has been instrumental in improving the quality of life of those individuals in case management, as well as, improving member knowledge base on basic wellness.

The Value of Disease Management!

Disease Management Programs can produce a savings of between 2.2% and 8% over a three year timeframe.  Managing the disease in a DM program can prevent catastrophic occurrences and/or identify cases requiring the higher level of intervention provided by Case Management.  Early referral to Case Management through UM and DM processes ensures that health decompensation is dealt with swiftly thus minimizing financial impact.



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