Crucial aspects of keeping healthcare costs down require both pre-emptive and
proactive measures. Our solution is to provide you with a service that promotes
preventative care and encourages your members to be proactive about their health.

iNeticare’s Team Health service specializes in 24/7 Nurse Advice line services. The registered nurses provide plan members with valuable healthcare information, triage and appropriate healthcare referrals. Additionally, a board-certified physician is available at all times to provide support and/or review assessment decisions.

The medical call center also provides immediate access to translation services
for virtually any language 24/7, so that quality customer service for every
plan member is ensured, regardless of their primary language.

Most importantly, our services are customizable to fit your needs. Additionally,
regular quality improvement activities are an integral part of our system. Sophisticated reports for tracking, trending and utilization studies are also available on a customized basis.

Benefits to Health Plans

  • Reduces misappropriated use of healthcare resources
  • Directs patients to the appropriate levels of care
  • Improves patient health through education
  • Assists in the management of chronic conditions through outbound calls and documentation
  • Serves as a marketing and public relations tool
  • Increases member satisfaction

Real People. Real Answers. 24/7!

iNeticare’s Team Health (formerly Access Nurse) Call Center is your single source of expertise in both clinical and non-clinical medical call center services. The services are customizable and delivered with a timely, cost effective, and patient-focused approach, enabling us to offer our clients a 24/7 extension of their healthcare-related services – without the additional cost of personnel or the capital investment of high-tech communication tools.

This URAC-accredited call center is held accountable to the high standards set forth by URAC when it comes to issues like call blockage (busy signals), abandonment rate and average speed of answer.

The highly trained staff is dedicated to excellent customer care through every service that is offered.