Health Risk Assessment

INETICARE's online Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is by far the most comprehensive question set ever compiled for an HRA.  There is a tremendous amount of branching logic throughout and it offers the customization of many features, including questions and security statements.  The Employer Reports are very detailed with comparative norms and in depth analysis of your population, including productivity analysis as it relates to health risk, ergonomics, presenteeism and absenteeism.
Our question set covers a variety of areas, including:

  • Nutrition
  • Tobacco use
  • Vehicle safety
  • Physical activity
  • Alcohol use
  • Stress and depression
  • Current health
  • Women’s and men’s health
  • Biometric measures (e.g. weight, height, blood pressure, cholesterol)

The set also includes questions on stages of readiness to change for multiple behaviors. This helps to identify those individuals most willing to change their lifestyles, and allows risk management and disease prevention programs to be targeted towards these individuals.

The INETICARE HRA includes links to a variety of online libraries, resources, and tools, such as a general health library, men’s and women’s health libraries, a body fat estimator tool, a body mass index (BMI) calculator, and a cost-of-smoking calculator.

INETICARE’s PERSONAL WELLNESS REPORT is generated within seconds once the online assessment has been completed.  This report, which can be read online or printed out, displays the individual’s overall wellness score along with a summary assessment of risk in multiple categories and a personal goal diary to help the individual plan healthy changes in their lifestyle.

AGGREGATE & EXECUTIVE SUMMARY REPORTS are available to Wellness Administrators through INETICARE.  Aggregate, Executive Summary and Participation Reports can be generated upon request or at regularly scheduled intervals for practically any time period and with filter selection options.  These reports assist in creating and directing programs geared towards addressing the health needs of your population. 

CUSTOMIZATION of the INETICARE HRA is available to meet the needs of virtually any client and include items such as Custom Questions, Custom Aggregate Reports, Participant Tracking and Custom Email Text that is delivered to participants upon completion of the HRA.