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INETICO's Oncology Management Program forges the path to the best treatment, before you even start treatment. Our professionally trained Oncology Nurse Care Managers assess the patient's diagnosis and prognosis to recommend the most appropriate metabolic tests and guide the patient to the treatments that will be most effective for their type of cancer.  INETICO's Oncology Management Program improves your outcome and provides the patient a  personal edge in their fight against cancer. 
Begin at precertification to ensure that every possible option is put into place for the benefit of the member’s health and to control the financial impact to the plan
Oncology Certified Nurse Case Managers provide services to members & their covered dependents
All treatment plans are reviewed using NCCN guidelines to ensure medical necessity and confirm that treatment plan is not experimental or investigational. Specific Plan & ID card language are required & recommended for inclusion into plan documents.
The member's individual fight deserves an individual treatment plan