Dental PPO

Ensuring a Lifetime of Smiles

National, regional and local dental PPO networks positively impact dental plan costs.

Dental PPO

What’s Inside the Box

  • Recognized national networks with discounts up to 40%-50% on most procedures
  • All specialties included
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Member & provider satisfaction
  • Fulfillment/member support
Experience Quality

Our Process

  • Analyze

    Analyze Paid claims or demographic data to recommend best dental network for each group

  • Route

    Route Claims to network, reprice, return to TPA in 837 format ready to pay

  • Analyze

    NetworkNational, regional, and local PPO networks reduce dental plan costs

The INETICO Advantage

  • A highly competitive edge using multiple national dental networks
  • Same day repricing (when utilizing INETICO Clearinghouse services)
  • Detailed geographic claims analysis pinpoints most optimized network for plan members
  • Detailed geo-analysis selects the most advantageous networks
  • No provider contracts or fee schedules to maintain
  • Deep provider discounts averaging 20 to 50% (depending on network and market)

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